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Where there is light brightening the world, where there is light moving the world, from homes to offices, from factories to airports, everywhere power is supplied, there is LSIS behind. Where closer than your thought, LSIS is together with you.

There are two types of transformer that our LSIS provides:

1. Cast Resin Transformer

The LS Cast Renin Transformer satisfies both standard consumption efficiency and minimum consumption efficiency as a low-noise and high-efficiency transformer. it can improve use environments via low noises and reduce power costs according to reduction of loss by observing the 'efficiency control equipment operation regulation and by using oriented silicon iron sheets of good quality. Cast Resin transformer can be used in various fields:

1. Semiconductor factory, LCD factory

2. High-rise building, Apartment

3. Subway, Express railway

4. Thermal power plant, transformer station, Petrochemical plant

5. Hospital

6. Athletic stadium, Performance place

7. Car factory, Rolling factory

8. Airport, Port

9. Hydro-power plant, water treatment facility

2. Oil Immersed Transformer

LSIS transformer adopts a structure that can reduce the loss, and it ensures the electrical stability of the transformer by selecting the high efficiency and the optimum insulation structure. ALso, it realizes the optimum cooling system, seismic condition considering the short-circuit mechanical power and external shock occured in the transformer in cas of system failure. And strong design of structure that can endure the impact during transportation.


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