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Thermal Overload Relay LS
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Specification of Thermal Overload Relay LS

Thermal Overload Relay LS is the Electrical Panel and Distribution Box for the protection of the electric motor from over load. As well as a fuse (fuse), there are more loads that work fast and some are slow. Because the time motor start current can reach 6 times nominal, so if used a fast working safety, then the safety will break every motor run.

Thermal Overload Relay LS has a more effective and economical protection, namely:

- Overload protection / Overload.
- Protects from phase imbalance / Phase failure imbalance.
- Protects against loss / loss of phase voltage / Phase Loss.

Kinds of Thermal Overload Our LS Relays:

MC 9b, 12b, 18b, 22b MT - 32
MC 32a, 40a MT - 33
MC 50.65 MT - 63
MC 75a, 85a 100a MT - 95
MC 130a, 150a MT - 150
MC 185a, 225a MT - 225
MC 265a, 330a, 400a MT - 400
MC 500a, 630a, 800a MT - 800

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