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Specification of Electric Panel

PT. Panel Global Energi Indonesia sells electrical panel which is also called load center. This is a metallic electrical service box that receives the main power to the home and distributes electrical current to various circuits inside the house. The power distribution to various circuits is protected from overcurrent by using a circuit breaker or fuse. Once you open the panel door, you can access all the circuit breakers or fuses. Usually one of these electrical panels feeds all the circuits at home but there may be situations where there are other "sub panels" that serve special areas such as new kitchens.

You will find circuit breakers stacked on the panel and controlled with a lever that puts them in the "On" or "Off" position. You'll also see a double-pole circuit breaker at the top of the panel called "Main". The breaker controls all the power to the panel in the circuit breaker. The main breaker is used to power all circuits on or off at a time. In the main circuit breaker you can also see the capacity of the electric panel amperage. The main breaker will have a number in it that identifies the ampere capacity, for example, "100" or "150". Currently, 100 amp service is the minimum allowed by code in residential construction so 150 amp is very common. The electric panel is also present in a 200 amp and 400 amp configuration.

PT. Panel Global Energi Indonesia sells electrical panels and ensures your electrical installation will be durable and safe.

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